“Pick something. Anything. A feature in your favorite software application, your favorite toy, your favorite piece of furniture. Now start brainstorming things you could do to test it. Think of as many different things to do to that object as you can. Come back and continue reading when you’re done.” - Michael J. Hunter

What do you think, what should be the behaviour of android apps like YouTube, Amazon on a broken mobile deivce which stopped supporting wifi and camera? Well, both the apps do not use camera for their primary usage.

My understanding says, if you have internet connectivity and supported android version. You should be able to use both YouTube & Amazon app for the user journeys where camera is not required.

Surprisingly, both the apps do not work. When I open the app, the screen goes blank in case of Amazon. On the other hand, YouTube renders the search box and logo but the video suggestions do not appear. YouTube keeps moving the progress circle.